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Selecting a property of your choice
All available rental properties are displayed on our website on the Lettings page. Our Letting List is designed to make it much easier to spot the property you like with full details. You may always find a suitable property to meet with your requirements.

When you have chosen a property:
You may need to arrange a viewing for the property you have selected. If so, please click Request a viewing button just on the left above the picture or call us. Then you will be given an appointment to meet at this property with one of our agents, to assist you during the viewing.

Confirming and attending your viewing:
It is always best to be sure that you have the correct address and confirm your viewing in advance.

If you decide to take the property you have viewed:
You may always obtain the necessary information from our agents during the viewings for further process. Or you may call to office directly. It is always advisable to email us with your interest to the property you wish to take it. You will be contacted upon your email.

Applying for a property:
After you express your interest in renting a property that you have viewed, firstly you will be provided with an online secure application accounts that includes all necessary information including detailed breakdown of payments, online tenancy application form to be completed. You will also be able to upload all required references from this application admin panel. This procedure takes few steps to complete the entire application.
However the tenancy agreements can only be signed at the office.

Required references from the applicant/s:
Identification, Work reference, Proof of income, Landlord Reference and a proof of Address. It is important that references should be in the required format.
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When the tenancy agreement can be signed:
You may sign your tenancy agreement and have your keys within the next 24 hours after your application is approved.
However, The tenancy should be signed and commenced within the maximum next 2 days after the application is completed and approval of references are confirmed, unless there is a specific date agreed previously.

Arranging the utility bills:
It should be the tenant/s' first priority to take the gas and electricity meter readings and inform the suppliers as soon as the keys are handover with the commencement of tenancy agreement. This will indicate usage of the Gas, Electricity and water. The tenant should inform the council and the utility suppliers within a week time and register their names accordingly. This will enable the tenant/s to have the bills on their names correctly.

Security Deposit:
WestkenCity Properties handles the tenant/s deposits professionally as required by the legislation in UK. WestkenCity Properties is registered with the required deposit protection scheme; However, detail of every tenant/s deposits are always stated on the tenancies visibly by WestkenCity properties. This includes all contact details of the deposit protection scheme how and where the deposit will be protected.

How can I terminate my tenancy and move out:
If you wish to leave your accommodation and terminate your tenancy agreement, you must serve a notice in writing minimum of 1 month beforehand. However the termination date of the notice must be after the end of fix term of the tenancy.
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How can I request my security deposit:
In order to request your security deposit, you must have vacated the property at the end of your given 1 month official termination notice and left the the property in a clean and tenant-able state. Because of deposit is protected by a Government backed security deposit protection scheme in accordance with the Housing Act 2004.
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We hope this information was helpful. Please notify us if you would like to see further information herein.


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