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Finding an apartment in London is not challenging anymore..
Nowadays it is become easier via internet. Especially in the last few yeas, people do not come to London for arranging their accommodation. They find and arrange their apartments with confidence since they are able to see every detail of the apartment with its every details, moreover they are even able to see the satellite view of the Road and the area online with a click.

Today 70% of our prospective tenants make sure their apartments ready for them to move in as soon as they arrive to London. They do not need a prior visit anymore to London just to arrange an accommodation even together with their parents and stay in the hotels for days and weeks just to find a suitable accommodation before their schools starts.

That's why we take very serious all of the information given about the property is accurate, clear and understandable on our website, It is the most important point for a prospective tenant to find the accommodation same as it was advertised when they arrive to London.

Most importantly we made the entire process available to be completed online with easy steps for those who wish to take a property from abroad.

However, online application platform is not publicly available on our website. This platform is only available for applicants who decide to take a property. First we have to receive an email from the applicant with their interest to the property. Then the online application account is provided directly via email.

It has quite easy few steps to complete the application and finally making sure the accommodation reserved online.

There is only one negative point for students when renting an apartment in London, while professionals pay one Month deposit and one Month rent in advance, students are required to pay 6 Months rent in advance and 1 Month deposit or 1 month rent in advance and 3 months deposit. This is also valid for those without proof of income. Despite we are not happy with this unfortunately this is not avoidable that is a common requirement by the %99 of landlords in London.

However we always try our best for students as much as we can manage and we never require such high payments at the first step. We secure their apartment with only 2 weeks worth of rent payment (holding deposit) on application if they will be in London in the following 2 weeks. Then the rest of the payment is allowed to be completed when they arrive and by the time they are taking the keys to the property.

However even it has become ideal and common to arrange an accommodation on-line we still prefer and advise the prospective tenants to visit the property physically or at least ask a friend or relative in London to view the property on their behalf if possible. If they don?t have this possibility then they should call and ask every specific question in their minds about the property to make sure it is within their expectation before they make any commitments.


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